Like Wolves

by Like Wolves



Our full-length LP will be available on 12" vinyl along with a digital download through Hex Records.


released July 12, 2011



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Like Wolves Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Green World
Always, always wanting more. To preserve the interest of flaunting the amassed pile of keepsakes littering my floor.

*The stains on my knees are green from begging to the world
The tips of my fingers are tarnished with the green blood of dead men

Spend everything earned we are told we can gain by wasting away with the fruits of labor rotting in disbelief
My mom and dear old dad's contributions may not have looked like much but it is what we expected all along


And I'll still be searching for a way to square up long after my last breath
A new generation of traps are yet to be set the bait is promise and the prey looks a lot like me
Track Name: Her As Earth
Her nails dug at hardened ground
Searching for the softest plot
With the desire to be buried
And recreate from where she was born

The natural process of birth growth and death
Is lost in the ire of production
The human hand has learned to
Shape and process for demand

Outward protest and expression from within
Is as disturbing as a violent wind
The sadness in her heartbeat
Can shake ground below calloused feet